Savitri (TV Series)

Savitri is an Indian fictional and supernatural television series that airs on Life OK Monday through Friday. The series premiered on 18th February, 2013. It is the story of a woman and her immense love for her husband Satya and how that love gives her the strength to face Rahu Kaal, the ultimate devil incarnate Rahu Kaal has taken away the love of Savitri's life and made her life a living hell.


A story of the era begins with earth's one part being ruled by the evil Rahu Kaal. He falls in love with princess Damayanti, who in turn is in love with Veer – the Senapati of her kingdom. In order to win Damayanti, Rahu challenges Veer to a battle, but tricks him and kills the love of Damayanti's life. When Damyanti comes to know about this she kills Rahu Kaal and then kills herself.
Before dying, Veer and Damayanti promise each other that they will take a hundred more births, if necessary, to be with each other. With this promise the show takes a leap and enters year 1990. Damayanti and Veer are reincarnated as Savitri and Satya in the year 1990. Rahu Kaal's sister, who transforms shapes, keeps an eye on Satya and Savitri to ensure their love story begins. She does this to bring back her brother, Rahu Kaal from the dead.
Then the show takes a leap of 23 years and enters the years 2013. Savitri and Satya are now adults who fall in love with each other But Savitri refrains when Satya proposes her for marriage because she has dreams regarding her past life of the evil Rahu Kaal. But after some time she accepts his proposal and marries him which Rahu Kaal's sister wanted. Because of the love of Satya and Savitri, Rahu Kaal returns and decides to separate Satya from Savitri by taking his soul.
Now begins the epic journey of Savitri to bring Satya back from the evil Rahu Kaal and Satya's journey to save Savitri from the evil Rahu Kaal.

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