Madhubala OS

Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon - OS

You are only my, Madhubala'

He looked down in her face. How beautiful it was. Her big, brown eyes who looked shocked at him had something that fascinated him. He liked it. And he liked how she reacted at him'



'she was the first girl who body responded like this. She wanted to run away. Her eyes begged him to let go off her but she did not move. She could not because he did hold her tightly to him.
Right now he had the power over her and he felt good. Now he could decide what happened to her. And he would do it because he was her new God. She did not know it but soon she would realise it. From the day she sent him to the prison her destiny was write. He would rule her life now.
And he would not let her marry Mukund and become happy. He would not let her move on and forget him.

Never in this life

And today she was already in his arms'

'so early'

'but he liked it.

After all she was his. And soon she will accept it also. She will not run to Mukund or Trisha, she will come to him without knowing that he is the reason for her disaster.
And then he could use her like he wanted it.
He would do with her what he liked.
Then he could destroy her without problems.
And never will he let her go in some else's arms to cry.

RK did not like it, he also hated the fact that she did wear Mukund ring. He hated the fact that she thought of Mukund as her future husband. And when Mukund put the ring on her finger...

...he realised that he hated him.
He wanted to stop him and to push him away. He felt uneasy. For the first time after long he felt like a loser and he did not know why. He didn't like it because he, RK could never be a loser.

"Leave me" he heard Madhubala say in his arm.

She wanted to push him away; her eyes were full of anger and then she looked uneasy around to the other.

He enjoyed it; he liked it how she fights. How she wanted to tell him what he should do. And he decides that today he would listen to her. But the next time she would be in his arms he would not let her go that easy.
RK did hide his smirk and looked innocent down on her.

"Sorry, i hope you are okay, I was just shocked" he lied and did put her up. Her Family, Mukund and his Family looked shocked at her and him.

"Madhubala, are you okay", her Mother asked.
Madhubala did nodding and looked to Mukund where looked angry at him.
RK looked satisfied in his eyes because he realised that Mukund was afraid of him. Mukund was afraid that he would steal his bride away.

"Poor Boy", RK thought and smirked because soon it would be happen. Not the way Mukund thought but it would happen because Madhubala was only his and he would not let someone else steal her from him...

Dangerous Feeling

He had something powerful about himself. She did know it from the first moment she saw him on the Piano. His straight, proud posture, his eyes where did shine danger and playfulness and his mouth where gave the reporter a cheeky smile.  He looked perfect for her and for a moment she believed that he was the one she dreamed about the Night days ago. They looked alike. 

But then she rejected this thought. Never would she worship and dance with someone where dont cares about other life. She called herself back in reality and figth for justice.
He did not deserve it other even when he was a star. Who gave him the right to decide the law? Who gave him the right to laugh about it? 
Yes, he had laugh and was amused when she told him who she was but she had managed it to make him restless, she saw it for a moment but then again he covered it up with a playful smile and asked her about a movie with him. 

He was dangerous and right now she felt it again here on the door of her home. Here he was standing and wanted to apologize and give her sister a change to stand on the stage but something told her that it was not right. 

Someone like him would never apolozise or did the Prison change him? Did the Prison teach him a lesson?
No never, Maduhabala thought. It was inpossible and she was sure that the Future would prove it her.  For some reason she could read it in his eyes. 

His eyes where looked right now in her eyes and caught them, he didnt let go of her. His brown eyes pierced her eyes as he wanted to read her, he searched for something she could never show him. It was her fear. She felt for a moment like a prisoner and felt her body trembling. And then she could read his eyes, he did let her see it. It was pure Madness. Only Madness.Something in her shattered of a moment but then she could free herself from his view and tried to calm her heart. 

And suddenly she realised that soon she would see again a side of him she never expected, soon he would let her body tembling again because if she wanted or not, their paths did already cross and she would be the one who would follow him now. If she wanted it or not but what other change would she have? She needed to project her sister because Trishna saw only the beautuiful side about him and he played with her. Madhubala felt it but she did not know why. Only time would tell her and she was afraid...

How Sultan feels- OS

He stood there and watched her.

He did not know what to say, he did not even know how to react.

In his whole life something like this never happend till today.

In his entire life he has never just watched a girl he loves to disappears before his eyes.

What he believed to have disappeared before his eyes just in a secound.

Step by step.

But he did not move.

His whole body was paralyzed as he watched her go.

She was leaving into a darkness,
in a darkness that he could never reach.
A darkness that she had chosen by herself.

And he - he just stood there.

How gladly he would have said something,
how gladly he would have screamed at her to stop.

But he could not.

How could he tell her what was his heart,

how could he say what  was on his tongue...

...that She had become in just a few days one of the most important people in his life.

How could he tell her that she was a part of his life now,
his new life source.

That every time she swept him her back, he's afraid that he would never see again in her brown eyes sparkled.

Her brown eyes sparkled showed him what love is.

Her brown eyes sparkled showed him what family is.

Her brown eyes sparkled who showed him 

something dark... 

something mysterious..

something that fascinated him...

Him- Sultan

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