Madhubala -Revenge!With Love...Part 1

SS: Revenge! With Love...

Part 1

She was happy - She was satisfied.
Everything worked like she wanted it.
Everyone believed her.
Nobody did suspicion something.
It was like she wanted it, it was perfect.
Even he, her target, her destroyer- He did believer her.
He was blind,
He was full love,
He was happy.

He was happy like she used to be till he broke her.
He loves like she loved till he humiliated and left her.
He destroyed her.
In the past he was her destroyer,
know she would become his.

Even his Mother, even her Mother,
even her Sister, Sultan... - they believed it.
They are blind like He.

And she only smiled about it,
she was happy about it
because she could play the game without fearing someone.
Because eveyone smiled at her,
everyone belived she was a nice Girl,
a Girl with a heart full off Love,
a Girl without bad thoughts,
a Girl with respect for the Man she walked toward...

... and he smiled at her.
Naive and in Love, without premonition what she would do soon.
He hold her arm gently und put her  toward him.
She could feel his breathe on her skin,
how his nose walked from her cheek to her ear.
She shivered and she felt him smile.
His breathe touched her ear and she felt his arm on her back.
Slowly she put her arms on his arm und smiled.
Because she know what he was about to do.
"In some hours you will become my Mrs. Rishabh Kundra, R.K. Wife. His Junoon", he whispered.
She looked shy up in his face, in his brown eyes.
His brown eyes shined,
he couldn't wait for this.

She felt how her eyes became wet by his words.
She wanted to cry because she would never become his wife.
A part of her wanted to scream it out, to tell him that its only his wish but  a other part wanted to cry because she would hurt him soon.
She would break him, his Mother... but she would not stop, not anymore.
She already planed everything, she would not step back.

"Madhu, why are you crying?", she heard him asking.
His voice was full of love, full off worry.
"Are you okay?", he continue asking her.
She was silence and quickly wiped away the tear.
"I am fine" she lied.
"I am just happy because after today nobody can separated us".

He smiled by her words and put his arms on her face.
"I will always be by your side and i will make you always happy. Like you will always make me happy, deal?", he asked her.
Madhubala swallowed.
"No", her Mind screamed,
"Yes",her heart whispered.
She could only nod with tears running on her cheek.
He wiped them away und kissed her on her Chin.

Her cheek became red and she felt her heartbeat race.
She looked on the ground and tryed to controll her feelings.
Today was not the day to become emotional.
She needed to be strong, she could not let her feelings win.
"I need to go", she tried to free herself.

She needed to free herself from him, for her feelings... her heart...
And he let her.
Fast she walked past him but turned around to look a last time in his smiling face.
"Madhu", he said.
"I love you"

Madhu looked shocked at him,
something broke in her.
She tried to smile but she could not.
Fast she run away from him and hid herself from everyone.
She needed a moment to calm down.
She needed a moment to cry
because even now,
her broken heart cried.
For him, for R.K.

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